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The fetish society in Augsburg




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Introducing the Equestrian Amazon Gabriele

You're already at MY gunpoint!

Welcome to MY World!

Read about ME, learn who I am.

I am AMAZON GABRIELE and I'm a naturally dominant person, living out MY fetish for many years. Dressed like a strict leather mistress, a warrior queen in military look, in riding attire or as a almighty goddess in furs - I really love to show MY dominant attitude and attract glances full of adoration and desire - even in public.

Do you like being treated like a horse under MY sublime bottom? Or to be the dog at MY feet? Then you are right on MY pages. I am always looking for prey, eager to hunt them down in the woods and take them as prisoners with no choice. Don't worry, I will train you to obey MY every command in complete submission. And you will crave for more. Embrace your true nature as a slave - become MY slave!

I will whip your ass and body very hard with MY crops, bullwhips and floggers. I will humiliate you physically and mentally and put you in ropes and chains until you surrender completely  to MY power. I'm the BOSS, you do solely as you're told. Reluctant behaviour will not be tolerated and punished severely. Suffer for ME, for your GODDESS. That is what really thrills ME and where I will take you. Amongst the many other things I enjoy with MY slaves...

Don’t try to hide your secret wishes! It’s useless, I will discover all of them! Let them become true, live your dreams! Be yourself in MY world! Do you have a certain dream, a secret wish you never dared to talk about before? Tell me! Free your mind and don't fight your desires!

I am sure, that each fetish friend will be more than satisfied with the things, you’ll find on my pages.

Are you interested in a special photo series? Nothing is impossible!

You find constant updates with new pictures and slave reports on my homepage.

I give you the great opportunity to be a part of my fetish lifestyle. The world of fetish has no natural boundaries!

I’m looking forward to welcome you as a new member in MY secret world.

Don´t hesitate anymore! Become captured by ME, your AMAZON GABRIELE!

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